Episode 5 – Protection First: A Policy To Live By

What does the phrase “protection first” bring to mind when you think about your finances?

In today’s episode, Rebecca Novin-Cannon discusses what protection first means and how this philosophy unfolds at Novin Cannon Financial Group. She also outlines which assets need protection.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What “protection first” means at Novin Cannon Financial Group
  • Why protection is addressed first in the financial planning scenario
  • What health and disability insurance cover
  • How Rebecca handles situations in which clients do not have the important legal documents needed for protection
  • What human life value is in life insurance and how it is determined
  • How long the protection planning phase takes at Novin Cannon Financial Group

Tune in now and learn the importance of addressing protection first in your financial planning.

Resources: Novin Cannon Financial Group | White Paper: 10 Risks That Can Ruin Your Wealth

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