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Episode 2 – The Discovery Process

When working with any financial professional, it is important that both parties get to know each other. That is what the discovery process is all about.

Today, Rebecca Novin-Cannon explains the first steps every new client at Novin Cannon Financial Group goes through. She not only discusses the process, but she also explains the purpose behind it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Rebecca usually meets people and engages in conversations
  • The kind of information that is assessed during the first meeting after an introduction
  • What a personal financial model is
  • What documents Rebecca provides to put clients at ease with sharing their personal information
  • How Rebecca works to put together each client’s financial puzzle

Tune in to get an understanding of the discovery process at Novin Cannon Financial Group.

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Episode 1- Meet Your Host, Rebecca Novin-Cannon

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Live Clearly Podcast.

In today’s episode, you will meet Rebecca Novin-Cannon, the host of this podcast. Listen in as Rebecca shares must-know information about the Novin Cannon Financial Group, her journey to becoming a part of the financial services industry, and what she does for fun.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Who Rebecca’s ideal clients are and how she helps them
  • The kind of education she provides for her clients
  • Who is on the Novin Cannon Financial Group team and what they do
  • Some of the wonderful things Rebecca is involved with in the community
  • What her financial philosophy is
  • What you can expect in future episodes
  • And a lot more!

Tune in to meet Rebecca Novin-Cannon, the brains behind the Novin Cannon Financial Group and the Live Clearly Podcast.

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